Set Formula for Success

Work with NC, if you want to succeed.


Diverse Business Area

Provide various services, including IP Prosecution, Trial and Lawsuit, Survey Analysis, Translation and Technology Transfer.


Diverse Experiences from Different Fields

Offer comprehensive business support based on the diverse experiences and know-hows accumulated through different clients.


엔씨의 업무영역


Patent Prosecution

Domestic and Overseas Patent Registration of Patent, Utility Model, Trademark and Design Right

Patent Trial and Lawsuit

Appeal against Decision of Rejection, Invalidation Trial, Trial to confirm a scope, Correction Trial, and others

Search · Analysis

Prior Art Search for Patent Application, Prior Art Search for Patent Execution, Prior Art Search for Freedom to Operate

Translation&Technology Transfer

Demand Survey, Negotiation of Technology Transfer

Our Goal

We guarantee that we will provide our clients with one of the best quality services of Korean patent law firms. Our goal is to offer our clients highly specialized services at competitive costs.

엔씨의 맨파워

Patent Attorneys

NAM, Gunpil

Managing Partner

Semiconductor Device, Materials, High-tech Materials and Machine Equipment

CHA, Sang-yun

Managing Partner

Semiconductor Process, Chemical Process, Organic Chemical Materials and Bio(logy)

Park, Jong-su

Managing Partner

Semiconductor Device, Materials, High-tech Materials and Machine Equipment

Choi Dong-hyeok

Junior Partner

Exploring new challenges and challenges based on various experiences


2010년에 개소한 엔씨는 젊지만 경험이 많은 사무소입니다

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엔씨 소식 / 특허 상표 소식

NC news / Korean IP news

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